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The SpineMED® Procedure

The VAX-D Procedure

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The VAX-D is an effective non-surgical treatment technology for acute or chronic neck and lower back pain and for radiating pain and symptoms down the arms or legs brought about by herniated discs, degenerated discs, facet syndrome and certain types of failed back surgery.
There are many different terms that are used to describe spinal disc pathologies. Such terms as:
disc protrusion, herniated disc, annular tears, bulging discs, ruptured or extruded disc, pinched nerves, disc degeneration etc. Regardless of the term being used to describe your condition, each of them can lead to severe debilitating pain and can all be treated effectively using the VAX-D Spinal Decompression Treatment Technology.

Advancements in the VAX-D technology allows patients to be treated either lying on their back or stomach. As such, our patients can be comfortably treated in the position that best suits them. The VAX-D treatment is specifically designed to remove the pressure on the structures that is causing the pain in the patients neck or lower back. That is to say, the VAX-D addresses the root cause of our patients symptoms.


In a 2008 two year research study sponsored by one of the country’s leading insurance companies demonstrated positive short AND long term results using the VAX-D. This study showed that patients had significant improvements in pain and disability scores at the end of their VAX-D treatments at both 30 days and 180 after treatments.


Due to the sophistication of our VAX-D treatment technology, our patients typically only receive 20 treatments, once a day for 5 days and within just a short period of time during treatment, our patients can experience significant reduction in their levels of pain.

For patients suffering from lumbar (lower back) pain, they are fitted with a pelvic harness and then lay down (either face up or down). The patients upper body is placed in a specific position on the stationary portion of the VAX-D table and is held in place by the patient holding onto handgrips or by using the arm-rest restraints.

For patients suffering from cervical (neck) issues, a harness and cervical/neck collar is used.

Once treatment starts, the VAX-D then applies a precise and gentle custom treatment tension that is based on the patients individual case parameters. This tension is applied in a logarithmic manners so that the muscles surrounding the damaged disc cannot react and are always in a state of relaxation. As such, minimal resistance is involved and maximal therapeutic tension is achieved.

Each session is approximately 35-45 minutes and patients often feel a great sense of relief immediately after starting their session.