Venice VAX D

How does decompression work


SpineMED Decompression chiropractor in New haven

Vax D Spinal Decompression is a state of the art non-surgical treatment technology specifically designed to effectively rehabilitate damaged vertebral discs.

Once the damaged disc is located, a precise distractive forces will be applied to it.  This distractive force will create a negative pressure (a vacuum like effect) within the disc which will the draw in water and nutrients back into the disc.

Thus, is a patient is suffering from degenerative or thinned disc, our VAX D Spinal Decompression therapy will rehabilitate the disc by building it up with the water and nutrients that is brought back into the disc.

If one is suffering from a herniated disc, the vacuum-like effect that is created will draw back in the herniated disc material to its proper position,  remove the pressure of the spinal nerve and thereby removing the patients pain.