How Does It Work?

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Located within the spine is a network of nerves – which includes the spinal cord and the numerous branches of nerves that extend from the cord and this is commonly referred to the most important system within the entire body. It is the spinal cord and these nerve branches that connect the brain to every single part of the of the body – every muscle, organ, ligament, tendon and cell and through this network of nerves, the brain is able to communicate with the entire body and the body is able to communicate with the brain.

The brain is the master “computer” and in it lies all the information need for the body to remain health and fit. The nerves are the “conduits” or “cables” that connect the brain to the body.

When a vertebrae of the spine are misaligned (a.k.a. Subluxation), they can put compress the nerves of the spine and cause interference in the communication between the body and the brain and ultimately this communication can be completely shut down.

When this occurs, the body parts are no longer able to properly communicate with the brain and the body begins to break down. Initially, there may be no symptoms, but as time progresses, pain can develop. When continually left untreated, deterioration and disease can occur.

A chiropractor is specifically trained to detect and correct these misaligned vertebrae and remove the nerve interference that it causes. As the subluxation is removed, the nerves are then able to function properly and the symptoms that these subluxations are causing will dissipate. Over time, the damaged nerves will heal, as will the body part(s) that were suffering.

The fact is; the body can heal itself if there is no interference in the nervous system.

Chiropractors take away the interference and this lets the body do what it does best, heal itself.