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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is considered a repetitive strain injury that causes inflammation of the tendons that lie within the wrist. As these tendons become inflamed, the nerve within the wrist (Median Nerve) is compressed and symptoms arise.

In time, compression to the Median nerve can lead to numbness & tingling within the thumb and the first 3 fingers of the hand. If the problem goes undiagnosed and untreated, severe debilitation pain can occur along with muscle wasting (decrease size of the muscles of the hand) and incoordination.

Often, when someone experiences pain and symptoms with the hand, they can be incorrectly diagnosed with carpal tunnel when in fact, the origins of the hand pain is actually stemming from the neck. When people are misdiagnosed, some undergo unnecessary carpal tunnel surgery which never relieves the patient of their pain. Since this type of surgery is invasive, scar tissue can develop and compresses/chokes the median nerve resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. At this point, this patient not only has the neck problem that hasn’t been addressed, but now the patient has developed carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the surgery.

Thus, it is essential that an accurate diagnosis is done to determine where the actual source of the problem is stemming from so as to avoid any further damage an unnecessary surgery. Here at Agran Chiropractic, not only are we able to accurately assess your condition, but whether the source of your pain is from your neck or wrist, a gently and effective non-invasive procedure will be performed to address the cause.