Are Chiropractors real doctors?

//Are Chiropractors real doctors?
Are Chiropractors real doctors?2018-10-31T14:41:30+00:00

This is a very common questions. The fact is this; Chiropractors receive essentially the equivalent  amount of training in their first 4 years as M.D.s receive and chiropractors get even more training in their expertise – the spine and nervous system.

Chiropractic schools are all overseen by the Federal government and all students of chiropractic have to  pass rigorous National and State Board Examinations.

By the time a chiropractic studentgraduates they are as highly trained as a general medical practitioner and actually better trained in the disorders of the spine and nervous system.

In fact, Chiropractors have much more training in the spine, nervous system, nutrition and the skeletal system than many medical doctors.