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Chiropractic is a natural holistic approach to health care that is a science, art and philosophy of the spine and nervous system.

The science demonstrates that the fine nerves which make up the nervous system are not functioning correctly, the body in turn will also not function properly and will therefore start to breakdown.

The philosophy of chiropractic states that the body is self-healing and that when the nervous system is functioning at it’s optimal level (i.e. without interference) the body will always heal on its own

The art is in reference to the chiropractic adjustment – the procedure that is used by the chiropractors hands.

With all three of these factors, the chiropractor has the ability to assess the patients spine for subluxations (i.e. misalignment of the spine) that cause interference with the nerves.  When a subluxation is detected, the chiropractor will the perform a precise adjustment to remove these subluxation and thus, removing the nerve interference.

As such, by removing spinal subluxations and removing nerve interference, this will allow the body to heal itself.