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First Visit

On your first visit to Agran Chiropractic, you’ll see that is much like any other health care office.

Our receptionist will ask for a couple bits of information such as your ID, your insurance and a few minutes to fill out some standard patient intake forms.

After taking an in depth history of your condition, our Dr. Agran will conduct a precise chiropractic, musculoskeletal and neurological examination of your spine and affected areas of concern.

Following your examination, X-Rays may be performed to further assess and to get a better insight into your condition.

After your consultation and examination, our receptionist will make your next appointment with Dr. Agran.  At this appointment, Dr. Agran will explain to you his finding and the course of action he will take to return your body back to optimal health.

Then once you are accepted under care, Dr. Agran will start to treat you with a specific chiropractic technique that is best suited for your condition.