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Corrective Care

During the Corrective Care Phase, you’ll most likely be coming in fairly frequently at the beginning.  In some circumstances the frequency may be on an every day basis.

Naturally, this is all dependant on the severity of your spinal condition, your overall health and other important factors.

The Corrective Care Phase is vitally important because it is at this time your body starts to heal and your vertebrae (i.e. spinal bones) begin to be repositioned back to its proper alignment and curvature.

In fact, the Corrective Care Phase is considered the most important phase because it is during these adjustments and treatment modalities that are being used, that your spine, ligaments and musculature heals the most.  The progress that you typically experience at this time tends to occur quickly and you will start to feel better and your pain will start to diminish as your body begins to heal and accept the changes.

As your body begins to heal, Dr. Agran will then start to lessen the frequency of your visits.